Role UX Designer
Team Size Individual
The rapid prototyping class made me come up with the idea of ScanLab. The class required students to submit sketchbook sketches in a document format (PDF format). This required students to use two devices (mobile phone and laptop) and two to three applications (scanning application on the phone, an application like Gmail or Drive to transfer the image to your laptop and a word document). This became a tedious process sometimes and so I decided to reduce the number of devices and applications to one. I also wanted the additional features of auto-detection of the scan area in the image, easy collaboration with registered users and removal of watermarks. ScanLab will help achieve this goal.

Research and initial sketching

There exist applications for image scanning in the android appstore but none provides all the features I aspire for. Most applications add digital watermarks reducing social sharing and a negative image for the user. None of the applications covered provide collaboration with other users to let them add and edit images in the same document. After the research, I did some prototyping as an initial step to digital prototyping.

Image placeholder

Design Prototype

Next steps

The application prototype received very positive feedback and as a part of the future enhancements, I would wish to enhance the user interface and experience a little more and add the functionality of giving different access levels (view only, view and edit access) to different collaborators for the same document also.